Monday, March 25, 2013

Gardens Open to Visit - Dursley Garden, NZ

100's of roses!

My lovely mother-in-law, Judith Callaghan, has a gorgeous country garden just up the road from where we live, at Bideford, Wairarapa, NZ. Judith has had her garden open to the public for many years now.
100 year old trees tower above the driveway - March 2013

As well as casual visitors who just arrive, Judith also hosts tour groups of visitors for lunch, morning tea, or just a wander through the garden. If you phone in advance, Judith also makes classic Devonshire Teas for individuals or groups.  This is an unpretentious 'gardeners garden', with every season of the year bringing variation to the garden.

Martagon Lilies

Perennial gardens against the homestead

Many meandering pathways though woodland areas

Click on the linking page on the right, or click on the blog heading of Dursley Garden on the 'blogs I follow' if you want to investigate further. Well worth the 20 minute trip into rural Wairarapa next  time you are out this way.
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100 year old Arbutus, with tulips

Bluebells in Spring

Thursday, March 21, 2013


Just loving these pumpkins at my Mother-in-Law's Dursley Garden at the moment. I find the tendrils completely fascinating.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Dahlias and Late Summer Flowers

Dahlia and Alstromeria

I picked this bunch of flowers the other day. Struggled to find pickable flowers after this long hot and DRY summer, but there were the good old Dahlias strutting their stuff - still with plenty of flowers on. And the fantastic Alstromeria which has flowers on almost 12 months a year. So a mix of oranges and reds, a few berries, some Euphorbia and other odds and sods - voila! a bunch of flowers out of what looked like would be very slim pickings! I fiddled with the photographic settings on the top orange Dahlia flower and was surprised to see the pink come out after altering the brightness and contrast. What do you think??