Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Late Summer - Galtonia

As many plants start to fade, the Galtonia is just kicking into action. I love the height and freshness the tall spires bring to the garden. I saved seeds off one plant last year, potted them up, and now have about 30 baby bulbs ready to plant out in autumn. A great accent plant for this time of year.

And of course - we cannot mention late summer without a few pics of the Dahlia. Fabulously tough and long lasting colour. Mine have been flowering since before Christmas, with only sporadic watering in this very hot summer.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Mid-Summer Pinks!

The colours of the Echinacea purpurea seem to have intensified with the heat (regularly 30+ degrees C this week). I can't get over how many bumble bees are buzzing all over them. And the Lilies have opened. Not 100% certain I like the combination, now it is out. They perhaps need to be further apart, with more green in between? Might be some fine-tuning going on over winter. The very tall dusky pink flower in behind is Eupatorium maculatum. Fabulous foliage, with flowers a bonus.

Eupatorium maculatum


The orange cones are breathtaking. The bees must love them, too.