Thursday, October 6, 2011

Prunus shirotae Mount Fuji

My all time favourite flowering cherry tree - Prunus Mount Fuji.

For a few years before I had babies I worked for the Masterton District Council. Whilst there I was lucky enough to plan some parks and do some plantings around the town. 13 years later, and the trees I planted are making a fabulous show. These trees in the photos are at Henley Lake playground, planted as a Sister City reciprocal tree swap with a Japanese city (??too long ago to remember the name!!). I sent them Kowhai trees (Sophora Tetraptera) in return, 100% cleansed of soil etc for quarantine purposes. I often wonder how they are going over there. Mr Adachi are you out there??? Look how great your trees look!!!

It is the horizontal branch structure that I like, and they hold their orange/red autumn leaves for many months. Not only that but they thrive in our wicked winds, too. You've got to love them for that alone!!!

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