Monday, July 4, 2011

Bird Feeders

 Birds in the garden are so special - and my father has perfected just the thing to lure them in close to the house for watching on these cold winter days. Here the apples are just strung together on a piece of wire, with milk bottle tops between them to stop the apple sliding off. He cuts an opening in the side of the apple skin, and leaves the birds to it. I love the crazy bright colours he has put together. You could make it more discreet with blocks of wood, or I have put pumice stones on mine. The birds are Wax-Eyes or Silver-Eyes, native to NZ. Not sure if they are found in other countries - somebody might like to enlighten me??

The picture above is mature pine cones, smothered in a delicious brew of lard/dripping (from the supermarket, or save your own from lamb roasts), with brown sugar, seeds etc thrown in while it is still soft. Don't need a recipe - just experiment. Note: have the wire or string in place BEFORE you cover with the fat. The Wax-Eyes love this cone, and if you hang it upside down, then the cheeky little sparrows can't hover or cling on in the same way to get to the fat! The birds become very brave and you can get so close to them it is amazing. Both are great projects to do with children, and are almost free. Give it a go, and let me know the results!

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