Friday, May 23, 2014

Monster steps

George has always dreamt of putting steps down to the pool at the base of our 11.5m high waterfall, as access has been very difficult due the steepness of the bank, or the slipperiness of the rocks. Much discussion has taken place over the years, regarding the best method: rope ladders; explosives to crack into the sheer rock face for excavating steps; abseiling whilst canger hammering into the rock face etc.

Finally he just started building some monster steps. MONSTER. These effectively sit above the rock face, like a ladder, with just a couple of anchor points at top and bottom. With the amount of bolts and the small forest of timber he has used to build the thing, it will not be falling apart in a hurry (I hope). Built at home, dragged down the road behind the quad bike, and finally, after much fretting from the wife (me), the steps were lowered into place. This was no mean feat. Quite nerve-racking in fact. But George had it all sorted in his head!! No drama, and the whole thing went smoothly, with a bit of grunting, sweat and no tears. Steps now in place. Next step in the almighty plan - bath tubs! Gulp. Watch this space.
The steps about to be lowered into position.....
George and Sam securing the treads taken out to make it lighter to transport
This shows how steep the bank is to get down! About 11m from the top of the ladder/steps to the bottom. 

Monday, May 19, 2014

Hard Day at the Office!

Okay - so the work is actually really hard - climbing around these steep hills lugging plants, spades, stakes etc. But who can beat this view and the feeling of having the whole of the Wairarapa spread out in front of you, while you work?? My lovely team of planting ladies, and I, have been very busy planting a mixture of properties over the last few months. This was Friday, and the most perfect autumn weather we could have asked for, on this extremely exposed hillside. Better than sitting inside an office??? Absolutely!
View from our lunch spot, with a few nosey passers by....
Lunch in the sun
Ngaio ready to be lugged up the hill, for planting
Work conditions! From the top of the hill we are progressively planting out in native species.
The larger plants were planted several years ago, and we are adding  more each year. .
The Wairarapa valley spread out in front of us - just gorgeous!