Thursday, July 26, 2012

Sculptural Arches

I have become quite besotted with huge circular archways of late. I would love to install one somewhere. Preferably of steel. There is something wonderful about passing through an arch, or series of arches, whether it is a transition between two spaces, or just along a path. They come in all shapes and sizes. I like the plain circles best - for now! That moves me on to my next obsession..... sculptures. But they must wait until another day!

Hellebores - dark purple

Hellebore - up close and personal

And then there are the dark purple Hellebores (winter rose) in full swing right now. These are my favourites, but only because they are so few at the moment, in my garden. Other colours I have great swathes of, but this purple is from seeds my clever father grew for me. These little plants are individually nurtured. I feel the pain when one of the dogs (not naming any names here, FRITZ) tramples on the plant and snaps off a season's flower stalk with one great goofy paw. Luckily there are four other plants, and there is always next year. The optimsim of gardeners!!!

Tree Houses Large and Small

Dinosuars on guard!!

I have some of these amazing images stored away that I think I found on pinterest. Sorry the quality of photo is not all that great on all of them, but gives the idea. Are they not the most INCREDIBLE tree houses you have ever seen? Anything is possible with a lot of imagination. My children would just LOVE to have one of these at the bottom of the garden!! The bottom one looks like it is woven out of willow branches, then left to grow. How cool is that?? Can you picture living in any of them?? Maybe if you were a fairy!