Thursday, February 13, 2014

Verbena bonariense AGAIN

Sorry - can't resist sharing my beautiful mass seeding of Verbena in the pebble courtyard at my office. The bees and butterflies are just loving them. As am I.

I have left a pathway through the plants for the humans

Salvias - The Blues...

Two Salvias I am cherishing at the moment are Salvia Blue/Black, and the tall Salvia Gaurantica 'Purple Majesty'. The flower colours are unbelievable. The Blue/Black has the bluest flower I have ever seen, with the most gorgeous contrasting lime green foliage. Love it. This would suit any kind of garden. It does spread a bit, and both die down completely over winter, but pops up again with gorgeous leaves in mid-spring.
Salvia Blue/Black

The foliage is a stunning highlight in the garden 

The very tall Salvia Gaurantica 'Purple Majesty'
Then the Guarantica (above) is really tall (about 1.5m), with the flower being an unusual purple.You would only use the guarantica in a large garden, near the back. I want mine to spread so it forms quite a backdrop over summer.

I get mine from Penny Bunny at Abbotsford Gardens in Masterton. She is a marvellous plantswoman, with a gorgeous garden that is sometimes open to the public. I have found all sorts of new treasures thanks to Penny!!! 

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Metal Poles for Bird Feeders

While on the subject of metal 'things' for the garden- these tall poles were made by the same engineer, to my specifications. Initially designed to hang a dish off for water or seeds for birds, I now use them to hang apples or fat-covered pine cones in the middle of winter. Ideal in a new garden with no established trees to hang off, or to put by a window for bringing the birds in close. And of course - up high keeps the birds safe from cats and other predators!
The poles are about 1.8m long/high, which keeps them high enough for the birds to be
safe from lurking predatory cats!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Metal Plant Supports

There are always plants that need a bit of support to stand tall. Lilies and gladioli are the worst in my garden. A few years ago I got a local craftsman to make me these supports, and I love them. They look decorative with no plants in them, but really earn their keep when the flowers need them.

 ps - I never thought I would have gladioli in my garden - but tucked in amongst other plants, they are fabulous in mid-late summer when many things are in between flowering. They add height and really strong colour. And so many different colours available these days. 

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Echinacea 'White Swan'

                            LOVE.THIS.PLANT.  WANT MORE. GOES WITH EVERYTHING.