Friday, March 31, 2017

Myrtus ugni - Chilean cranberry

One of my favourite small shrubs - always looks great, readily pruned to shape, the fragrance of the fruit is amazing, plus the fruit is edible. What more can you ask for? I admit I cheat with the fruit - I squeeze the pulp into my mouth , then throw the rather thick skin away.

Looks great clipped into balls in a potager garden, with pebbles surrounding, or as shown, in my own (above) and a clients garden (below), amongst other plants, like the dahlia. Without knowing it, we have both added the same red dahlia alongside our Myrtus! Roselee's look far better than mine, though - she keeps hers tightly clipped, and check out the amount of fruit.

 I would love to use as a hedge, too. Great alternative to buxus.