Friday, December 23, 2011



Last post for the year, as, yes! I am OUT.OF.HERE!!! Yeeha.
After a mad flurry of activity to get garden design plans done and our maintenance jobs up to date, my work is done for 2011.
Have a great Christmas everyone, and I'll catch you again in 2012.
(I'll be available again for work after mid January....)

Best wishes,  Rachel xoxoxoxo

Monday, December 12, 2011

Aristea Major - Brilliant Blue!

 This has to be one of the VERY VERY best plants I have ever come across. I grow it for the very upright foliage. Tick. Tidy 12 months of the year. Tick. And now the flower - whoa! BIG TICK!! Brilliant blue, and standing a good 50cm above the foliage. My plants have taken two years to flower, but that has not been an issue, as I grow it for the foliage. So far the flower spike has been open for about 4 weeks, and shows no sign of abating. A mass planting of these would be stunning, but the difficulty is where to get them?? They are buggers to grow - they don't split at all happily - believe me,  I've tried. Seed takes special care. Hmm. I can't get enough of them.

White version at my office - grown for foliage effect here.
Sadly - as well as my lack of success at dividing them, and not being able to source enough - some have come out with white flowers. Now I'm not sure if this is just my source, or if this is a recurring problem. The white is nice, but a mass planting to get the blue effect would be somewhat ruined by the wild cards poking their wrong colour up!! That matters to people like me!!

I would love to hear about your favourite plant. What makes it stand out from the others??