Thursday, July 27, 2017

Bellbird Eating Apples

As well as growing the actual plants that birds eat over winter (see previous post), they also love this simple apple arrangement, that my father has made me. He also very kindly supplies me with excess apples at the end of each season. But any old apple will do.
NZ bellbird eating apples outside my window
Using a strong length of wire, attach a milk bottle lid (or similar) at the base, so the apples don't slip off. You can add one of these between each apple of you like - just punch a hole in them with a nail. Then thread the apples on. It is helpful to cut a slice off each side of the apple, which helps the birds get to the flesh. Hang it somewhere you can watch from inside over winter. I have mine on this decorative iron stand, but a tree branch would work equally well.
Watching the interplay between the birds is half the fun.
Okay the Bellbird has had enough. Get out of here Sparrow!! 
Bellbird, Waxeyes and Sparrows are the main customers at my house. Sometimes they tolerate each other - other times not so much! It is gorgeous to watch them only metres from the window. Have a go at this - is really simple, and a great way to help the birds through winter.