Thursday, June 18, 2015

Metal Bird

Hmm. Last post was 7th April. As soon as the planting season starts (mid-April), I have very little time to do anything other than the serious work. Feeling a bit more under control now. A bit!!

What has inspired today's post is this gorgeous metal Kereru, or Wood Pigeon. I have this one down at our pizza oven, in a spot so that when you are sitting down, the bird is silhouetted against the sky. This night there was obviously a magical sunset which made it look even more special.

The company also makes Piwakawaka (fantail), Tui, and a few others. The idea is to hammer the steel spike into the post or tree etc, which makes it super easy to install, and indestructible. Also means you could move it around, too, I guess. Very subtle garden art.

The company is Metal Bird. At $69 NZ makes a nice gift, too. And no, I am not being sponsored in any way -  I just love my birds, so wanted to share. xo