Monday, December 12, 2011

Aristea Major - Brilliant Blue!

 This has to be one of the VERY VERY best plants I have ever come across. I grow it for the very upright foliage. Tick. Tidy 12 months of the year. Tick. And now the flower - whoa! BIG TICK!! Brilliant blue, and standing a good 50cm above the foliage. My plants have taken two years to flower, but that has not been an issue, as I grow it for the foliage. So far the flower spike has been open for about 4 weeks, and shows no sign of abating. A mass planting of these would be stunning, but the difficulty is where to get them?? They are buggers to grow - they don't split at all happily - believe me,  I've tried. Seed takes special care. Hmm. I can't get enough of them.

White version at my office - grown for foliage effect here.
Sadly - as well as my lack of success at dividing them, and not being able to source enough - some have come out with white flowers. Now I'm not sure if this is just my source, or if this is a recurring problem. The white is nice, but a mass planting to get the blue effect would be somewhat ruined by the wild cards poking their wrong colour up!! That matters to people like me!!

I would love to hear about your favourite plant. What makes it stand out from the others??


  1. Rachel - I've just come across your posting, as I've been trying to find the name of my favourite intense blue flower.....yes Aristea major. If you're still having trouble sourcing it, let me know. Mine self-seed profligately, and come up true to colour. I am forever pulling out seedlings, giving them to neighbours etc, so if you still want some you'd be welcome. We're in Paraparaumu

    1. Hi Carolyn - that is a very kind offer, thank you. Luckily for me, one of my clients is also having success with the babies, so I am now sorted. The colour is incredible isn't it? Pleased I have helped with your quest for a name!! Cheers, Rachel

  2. I got mine from in Richmond Ca. mail order.
    LOVE them. Just bought 12! Cannot wait to get them in. They grow quickly and beautifully! (and thankfully are deer resistant too!)