Friday, July 19, 2013

The week of contrasts ....

It was a week of contrasts last week - rural roads and farm flooding on Friday, then bright lights of Wellington on the weekend. I know which I prefer, even though it was the day the aeroplanes were grounded and the ferries weren't sailing due to (very) high winds!!!

Early morning view of Wellington from our motel

I took the photos of the waterfall whilst in flood, which was mighty in it's power. Thundering over the side, then bubbling and roaring like a boiling cauldron on impact with the pool below. Incredibly powerful, compared to it's normal placid self (see the photo from the last post!).
The Waterfall in flood. 

Our only means of getting to school/work was blocked off.
Looks flat, but was actually up to a 4wd ute's bonnet in the middle! Don't ask.
And sadly for the children (haha), they had a day off school, too, as we couldn't get out of our road and into town. Not very often the river crosses the farm or the road at this point, but these photos shows it doing just that. Over the fence posts, if you look carefully. That will be our weekend, clearing debris off fences, now it has dried out. Oh joy. We actually got off very lightly, as the river rose extremely fast, and unbeknown to me, George had been out swimming the cattle to safety at 4am. I had a great night's sleep, not realising he had left the bed!!! Gulp. Should I be telling you that???
The flow of the flood deposited large logs in the middle of the paddocks, and ripped the turnip
crop out of the ground. The river is behind the trees (usually).