Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Flower Globes...

Yes, I know I am fixated with Leek flowers at the moment - but aren't they fantastic??!!!!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Magnolia fragrance

Magnolia and leek flowers

With the doors open in my office, I have been smelling this heady perfume, and couldn't figure it out, as none of the vases in my office have fragrant flowers in them today. Just clicked - it is the Magnolia grandiflora in the garden that has several flowers open.  The smell is incredible. I wish I could send it through via the computer! One of my very very favourite trees, even without the flowers. What a treat! (now have two buds in a vase, see above.....)

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Allium flowers

Purple Allium bulbs in my Mother-in-Laws garden. They are well worth the purchase price. The flowers last for months, and they add a fantastic vertical element to any garden right through summer. On a budget? Then plant leeks instead (same family) which have much the same effect. There are gorgeous purples and pinks to choose from  in the ornamentals, though...... Should be garden shops shortly, in NZ.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Pizza Oven In Action

Callaghan's home-grown pizza - tomato, red onion, pepper, beetroot leaves, imported anchovie!

Sam's venison salami, green pepper and tomato.
It works! It works!! See an earlier post for the building of this mud pizza oven, built by my husband, George, with input (verbal and physical) from lots of others. This weekend was the first fire-up, with invited guinea pigs, er, guests. Great food, company and location - what more could you ask for? I love the top photo with the setting sun lighting up inside the oven. Most ingredients were home grown, even the venison salami.

Stop reading now if you are squeamish - but the very stag that is in the salami is very likely one of the wild deer that have been eating my trees next door! I'm sure that shocks people in the city? Hunting and gathering is what we do. Same with fishing, duck shooting, and even harvesting wild quinces, mushrooms and nuts. No different, and always with respect. How lucky are we to be living with these opportunities on our doorstep? RC