Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Pizza Oven In Action

Callaghan's home-grown pizza - tomato, red onion, pepper, beetroot leaves, imported anchovie!

Sam's venison salami, green pepper and tomato.
It works! It works!! See an earlier post for the building of this mud pizza oven, built by my husband, George, with input (verbal and physical) from lots of others. This weekend was the first fire-up, with invited guinea pigs, er, guests. Great food, company and location - what more could you ask for? I love the top photo with the setting sun lighting up inside the oven. Most ingredients were home grown, even the venison salami.

Stop reading now if you are squeamish - but the very stag that is in the salami is very likely one of the wild deer that have been eating my trees next door! I'm sure that shocks people in the city? Hunting and gathering is what we do. Same with fishing, duck shooting, and even harvesting wild quinces, mushrooms and nuts. No different, and always with respect. How lucky are we to be living with these opportunities on our doorstep? RC


  1. George is a genius! Believe me it's not easy to build a pizza oven and more importantly to make it work...I should know...being a baker's daughter ...enjoy it, it's a great luxury :))

  2. Hi Claudia
    How cool to have a visitor from Australia reading my little blog!! I'm new to this game, and struggling to not become addicted to the blog world out there.

    Yes, George is a genius, just quietly. Pizza oven and the waterfall is fantastic, and we know how lucky we are. So wonderful to be able to share it with people, too.

    Thanks for your comments - makes my day!!


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