Thursday, February 13, 2014

Salvias - The Blues...

Two Salvias I am cherishing at the moment are Salvia Blue/Black, and the tall Salvia Gaurantica 'Purple Majesty'. The flower colours are unbelievable. The Blue/Black has the bluest flower I have ever seen, with the most gorgeous contrasting lime green foliage. Love it. This would suit any kind of garden. It does spread a bit, and both die down completely over winter, but pops up again with gorgeous leaves in mid-spring.
Salvia Blue/Black

The foliage is a stunning highlight in the garden 

The very tall Salvia Gaurantica 'Purple Majesty'
Then the Guarantica (above) is really tall (about 1.5m), with the flower being an unusual purple.You would only use the guarantica in a large garden, near the back. I want mine to spread so it forms quite a backdrop over summer.

I get mine from Penny Bunny at Abbotsford Gardens in Masterton. She is a marvellous plantswoman, with a gorgeous garden that is sometimes open to the public. I have found all sorts of new treasures thanks to Penny!!! 

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