Monday, June 20, 2011

Turning floral (as opposed to Feral :-))......

 I am happy to report that my office smalls like a florist shop this week! The large arrangement is yellow Ginkgo leaves just holding on to their branches. And my gorgeous friend Lindy gave me the BEAUTIFUL Alstromerias and Stock this morning, which are the most perfect combination with the Ginkgo.. What do you think? Gorgeous splash of colour in my street front window.
 Then the Jonquils join the party, in bright yellow - gorgeous fragrance as well. Other bits from home include branches of Winter Sweet and Daphne. Divine. Quick tally of vases in my ONE ROOM office reveals the slightly alarming statistic that I have 14 vases in here!!! Hey - I am a landscape architect - I'm supposed to like flowers!!
Standing frock by Lisa Harman
This painted 'standing frock' is from my friend Lisa Harman. I have lots of her clever creations, but thought this looked particularly good with todays floral fiesta in yellows and greens!! Check out her website http:/

Have a great day.


  1. The arrangement is stunning, and I bet it will draw a lot of attention through the window. Ginkgoes are the most amazing trees. Those impossibly pale green leaves in summer, and then autumn...oh wow!

  2. I love these images, so inspiring and beautiful...the colours are great :)
    Claudia xo

  3. Hi Rachel.. found you via Bluefruit blog .. and you have a fantastic job .. must head off now and check out all your garden designs on the other links too (-: