Thursday, July 14, 2011

Sue Lund - Featured Artist for July!

Sue enjoying a wee session with Adam and Eve. Photo taken by Johnathan Milne of The Learning Connexion, Wellington
For those new to my blog you may not have seen Sue Lund's work featured here before. I have a couple of her VERY VIBRANT paintings at my office, along with a mannequin on loan (similar to these ones) that I have called Susan. Now Susan (the mannequin) is about to find a new home in a land Far Far Away, so I have dedicated this post to Susan and her giraffe.......Ciao Bella!!! Thanks for the memories.........

One of the first Learning Connexion buildings Sue painted
Sue has been painting the many single and multi-story buildings at The Learning Connexion for a couple of years now. I think the entire site should be promoted as a tourist attraction! Sue is busy at work indoors at the moment getting paintings ready for the NZ ART SHOW in Wellington at the end of July. A not-to-be missed-event. GET YE THERE!!!

Oh - and check out Sue's website - - Sorry I haven't figured out how to link this site, so you will just have to google her...........

See you at the art show??

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  1. Love her work, it is so vibrant, truly fantastic art...thanks for sharing Rachel
    Claudia xo