Thursday, October 13, 2011


Ahhhh - at last - my ranunculus bulbs are about to burst into flower. Planting bulbs indicates an optimism that these ugly little dry brown things are going to turn into something glorious in the future. This is so true of Ranunculus. Look at the colours!These are growing (should I say 'glowing'?) at my office, but I also have a secret stash of them at home just for picking. Love them!!

Have a great week - I'm off to spend time with our cherubs for school hols. R xoxoxo

Just going to leave you with this photo of our road (yes - four km of gravel!), chocka block full of Kowhai in full flower. Superb!

NZ native Kowhai Trees - Sophora species - in full bloom along our road Oct '11

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