Thursday, October 27, 2011

Sculpture in the garden

A small sculpture in my garden that gives me lots of pleasure is this simple concrete thingy, but it is the MOSSES on it that I love. Aren't they just gorgeous?? It is nestled amongst Phlomis russeliana - one of the top plants for any style of garden. Looks particularly good contrasting with Libertia formosa, or Aristea major. Love it!

As for this brazen dancing hussy, who has been eatting FAR too much chocolate - she may not be to everyone's taste, but she makes me smile, and adds character to my garden.  The bluebells are Spanish (I think) and they are HUGE - make a fantastic show compared to their polite wee English cousins....
ps - I've never noticed before how the tree looks like a face, with two eyes at the top, and a long nose.... Haha!!


  1. Oh yes, it looks like a horse's face, having a cuddly with the buxom lady!

    Love them both. You have a fabulous eye for putting things together, I must say. Would like to see more of this gorgeous garden of yours Rachel. Virginia xx

  2. Ha! Thanks Virginia. The beauty of taking photos to post is that you only get to show the parts of the garden that look at their best. Good trick, is it not???!! Rx