Thursday, August 5, 2010

Mid-Winter Colour @ My Office

I think June is the very least interesting time of year. Leaves have mostly fallen, but it is still too early for shrubs to flower, or most bulbs to start poking their heads up. July sees more action, and by August it could almost feel like spring on the good days!

A spark of colour in the winter garden is easy to achieve with Polyanthus and early Camellias. I've also been thrilled with my Euphorbia Chameleon this year - I must have pruned it at just the right time for it to be flowering through autumn, and still hold it's colour into August. The lower leaves are bright pink. Once it starts shooting from the base, I will trim it again.

These photos are from the garden outside my office. I position something bright to catch my eye out the window from where I sit at my computer.

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