Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Jack Frost...

Heuchera Chocolate Ruffles

Fothergilla leaves glowing in the early light
Can't help but LOVE the effect of frosts on the landscape. At my office this morning (with coat and leather gloves on!) I had to snap these pics of the first frost for the season. The Heuchera looked particularly gorgeous in the early morning light, with the sun just catching the icicles. Mother nature never ceases to create beauty, it's up to us how we interpret it......


  1. I agree Rachel, it looks so beautiful...it is magical to find beauty in what most people would describe as ordinary :))
    Have a great week

  2. Hi Rachel.

    Thrilled you found and followed my blog because in turn I have now discovered yours. Love your photography - I never tire of the beauty of plants so lapping up all these lovely posts here with the close-up images.

    Have a wonderful weekend! Mine will be spent sorting out the veggie patch with new plantings, I hope.