Friday, August 19, 2011

Snow White

 NZ has just been under the spell of a HUGE snow storm direct from Antarctica. We have not had snow like this for 40 or 50 years in the Wairarapa.

Front lawn looked amazing when we woke in the morning

Topiary as it is MEANT to look - with a dusting of snow!
 As you would expect - I went mad clicking away with the camera! So incredible to have this at our house.

 The kids had a BLAST tobogganing on the farm, on makeshift toboggans. ( The spelling looks really wrong there - but it's not a word I have ever had to write down until now!!)...
Sam standing with his foot on top of a gate post!! It was THAT deep!!!


It truly was a winter wonderland for a few days. School closed for two days, then on day three, we were blocked off from the outside world by a huge landslide across our road. Another day off school......

 Back to normal now, and we got away so lightly on the farm, with lambing not due to start for a few more weeks, thank goodness. We were warm and had plenty of provisions, so were able to simply ENJOY the novelty!!

Looking from the inside, out was magic - much warmer too, funnily enough!.

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  1. How magical...snow has always had a strange power on me, I just love it
    Beautiful pics Rachel :)
    Have a great w-end
    Claudia xo