Friday, February 24, 2012


First flower, second on it's way..

Check out this ugly duckling..... #3 flower
I have a question - how does something as odd-looking as a bulb produce something as beautiful as this??? I bought this Hippeastrum in flower a month ago. It is now having it's second flower, and I have just noticed a third developing amongst the leaves. That's another thing - how does somthing like the little green thing turn into such a huge big red flower head?? One of Mother Nature's glorious aspects. As opposed to earthquakes, tsunamis etc....


  1. It all balances out, I guess - if we have the luxury of taking (and remembering to) take the bigger view.

    I have been told that a flowering Hippeastrum is the sign of a happy gardener. So, with 3 on board, you must be an exceedingly happy one!

    Such a beautiful flower.

    1. Ha! I AM a happy gardener, but I suspect it does not have anything to do with the Hippeastrum. I have had this bulb in the past, and managed to kill it after it had died off in the winter. It will just be luck if this one gets to see another flowering season!!! Rx