Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Pukaha Mount Bruce Garden Tours - Thurston's Garden

Not only is my Mother In Law's garden (Dursley) part of this tour, but the very gorgeous Thurston Garden is too!! First time ever open for public viewing. If you have a look on the page listed as Upper Plain Garden on the side panel, you can see what this garden was two years ago. A full-on olive tree orchard. What Roselee and Lachie have achieved in this time is amazing, and I am very proud to put my name to the design of it. It is an ever evolving landscape, with fine tuning of plant combos etc going on probably as we speak! Just a really great example of what can be achieved in a short period of time. I have loved every minute of my time designing, planting and now and then going back to wander and discuss the finer details with the dedicated Head Gardener (Roselee).
What from the driveway appears subtle, green and textural .........

.....opens up around the back to lush
and vibrant colour!

The Thurston Garden cannot be seen from photos alone!

Contrasting styles create interest and invite exploration!
 Sadly I never seem to get time take fresh photos when I am there, as Roselee and I are too busy talking plants. So these are all at least one year old photos. Just include this garden in your tour so you can see how much it has evolved since the olive orchard days............

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  1. just gorgeous, with all the textures contrasting, yet all in clipped balls. What a glorious tour this would be Rachel. No wonder you are proud of it. xx