Monday, November 12, 2012

Contrasting Design Styles

As a designer, I don't want to be pigeon-holed into one particular look as being 'my style'. Certainly, I have styles I prefer, but my number one priority is to express the personality of the client. I have had a lovely time this year designing completely different styles of garden for several clients. This one is one of my favourites. Can't wait to see it develop.

During construction and planting. 

Freshly finished

Out the front, about 5 months later

Gorgeous sculpture/focal point adds another
element to the garden. The owners chose
this - it has fairy lights inside it. 
The owners didn't want any flowers, basically, and if there had to be flowers, they must be white. Mostly to be native NZ plants. Okay - very different from my latest designs, but so much fun to design! It is more of a challenge to create interest and variety without flowers, that is for sure, but I think the end result is just great. Plant forms, and leaf colour and texture contrasts are features of the planting. Lots more hard landscaping (walls and planter boxes) than I usually use (based on my clients' brief), so the plants were important to counter these built structures. Working within some strong ideas from my client, I think we came up with something really really great. Primarily designed for entertaining, but with an open lawn out the back for children to kick a ball around.
A mix of trees for foliage interest - Magnolia grandiflora, Pseudopanex
arboreous (five-finger), and Michelia yunnanensis. I love mixing these
exotics with the NZ native trees. 

Before long the pebble mulch will be hidden under the textured ground covers. 

Planter box freshly planted

Ligularia renformis and Dianella nigra in the planter box

Shadows are so important to soften hard surfaces

An open lawn for children to play
As with all gardens - this will only get better with time, as trees form trunks to differentiate from the shrubs around them, adding layers/tiers and shade to the garden landscape.
I love this view. The sculpture is so visually important, and can be seen
from many directions, giving a focus to this end of the garden. The fairy
lights around the fence must be magic at night. The owners added these,
and it is such a great idea. Make sure you add electricity early on in the
So there you go - gorgeous isn't it?? Rx


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  2. Wow! That looks awesome! I'm glad you two are enjoying paradise. We'll have to visit sometime. I just wish you were closer. :)
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  3. It is really gorgeous! Sometimes, I wonder why most landscapes have a white colored theme because I think dirt will easily stain the paint and the décor. Well, recently, I tried to renovate the garden and started doing the white thingy, and it ended up splendidly! Anyway, you’re right to consider the personality of your clients. I know it’s better if they have a garden where they can relate themselves. :)

    -- Shona Martinez

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