Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Summer - Wairarapa Style!

With daytime temperatures reaching 29+ degrees celsius here in the Wairarapa, the best place to be has either been in the water (see my family below), or in the shade. But being me, and being on holiday, I have mostly been in the garden instead. One of my favourite places to be, and I just don't get the time during the year to be in my own garden, ticking off 'to do' tasks!! This has been wonderful. Luckily we have river water to pump onto the garden - would never ever be able to do this off house water tanks. Dry dry dry. Although saying that - most of the garden survives with no special care at all, but to thrive it helps to give it a few good soaks throughout the drier summers like this one.
Sam, Phoebe and George in 'The Fat Sav' at Riversdale Beach

Now that's what I'm talking about!!

At Whareama River mouth with extended family. Gorgeous spot. 

The lilies have been spectacular, and go on for so long, with all the different hybrids. Now the dahlias are about to hit the spotlights. Love the strong colours and how tough they are.

The not-even-vaguely-perfect Corokia cones!! Adds character, I say.

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