Thursday, February 7, 2013

Purple and Orange

I am obviously going through a purple and orange stage at the mo! No - this doesn't mean all my clients gardens are going to be those colours (just the opposite in fact). But I am drawn to those two colours together RIGHT NOW.

I have just been taking photos of the gorgeous purple Verbena bonariense that self seeded, and I have left to go feral in my office courtyard. Looking at them on the computer, and yes they are very nice. Then lo and behold I spy a Monarch butterfly hovering amongst them, so I fly out the door and take more photos. Now the photos of the plain purple flowers look ordinary without the POP that the orange butterfly adds!! What do you think???

Feral self seeded Verbena growing in the pebble courtyard

POP! Loving the visual stimulation of the contrast

Can you see what I am talking about?? And then I spotted this old photo of the Crocus 'Pickwick' (opposite seasons of course). Nature throws us some spectacular contrasts.

And on the right hand column the top photo is of a public garden in France. I think that might where the influence has snuck in in the last few years, since my trip there in 2008. The French do the classic 'green' look fabulously, but they also throw together all these voluptuous expressive colours. Just shows there is something out there for everyone!!

The garden below is my new area at home, where I started from scratch in spring. Like I say - loving the purple and orange together!!! This is after a hot hot hot and dry dry dry summer. These plants are stars!!

Helenium and Geranium

Leonotis leonora - Lion's paw. Great late summer colour

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