Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Autumn Trees

Fothergilla gardenii - one of my favourite deciduous shrubs
Visually, autumn is my favourite time of year. The only thing ruining autumn for me is that it heralds winter. I hate the cold and damp. BUT - autumn is to be enjoyed while it is here - and here it certainly is.
Trees along our driveway - Claret Ash and Golden Elm

Claret Ash (Fraxinus raywoodii) and European Ash (F. excelsior)

Golden Elm, Ash, Horse Chestnut (Aesculus hippocastanum)

I took the above photos this morning, of the trees along our driveway. Every time I arrive home, I am reminded that someone many years ago had the forethought to plant the trees, and for that I am thankful.

It made me think about the trees in our public parks - many of them war memorials. The people that planted these trees would never get to see them reach maturity, but many generations later, we get the benefit. In Masterton, the memorial trees are mostly English Oaks or Pin Oaks.

These trees above are at Queen Elizabeth Park. I used to have to rake up the leaves of these trees when I was doing my practical work there towards my degree. One of my favourite jobs back then. Still is - but on a much smaller scale nowadays!!
Younger trees at Henley Lake in Masterton
 To plant a tree requires a degree of optimism, I have decided. Optimism that it will grow, and that one day it will reach maturity, even though we probably won't live to see that. But our children and grandchildren will. Autumn is the trees way of reminding us how beautiful they really are, and how now is the season to plan to plant them!!! Get out there and do it.


  1. Yes, a little mark of confidence and optimism for the future, really. What an incredible driveway you have to come to! Ye gods - it is magnificent.

    Adore Claret Ash...the colours are unmatched in autumn. Our new house is in a street lined with pinoaks and oaks and the neighbours must be wondering about this crazy lady who keeps running outside and jumping in the leaves....but it's so much fun!!

    1. Oh yay to jumping in the leaves!!!! I love everything about the fallen leaves. If you take the time to study them (before you jump amongst them) they are amazing aren't they??!! And then you gather them up and spread them on your garden. Or put them in a vase. Or poke them in the side of a picture frame..... Endless uses.