Monday, December 16, 2013

Bringing birds into the Garden

I have been astounded by the variation in birds that have been attracted to the sweet nectar in the flax flowers at home this year. These photos are taken from inside the house, within a 5 minute time period, of just three of the species that came to use the flowers. The Tui is the most frequent caller, but he missed his photo opp this day!!
Showing my ignorance here - either a Starling or Thrush??? 

Our newest visitor - the Bellbird. Thrilled to have this one in our garden. 

The Bellbird even sat there while the ancient and decrepit farm dog, Buzz The Retiree,
wandered past. Admittedly, Buzz would not exactly be perceived as a threat these days!!

Bellbird, with it's head covered in yellow pollen from the flaxes.
Then this little charmer, see it right on the tip of the right flax?

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