Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Indoor Flowers for Winter - Orchids

 At the end of summer, when there were not many flowers to choose from in the garden (no actually, when I was too hectic to think about having fresh picked flowers to look after!), I bought two orchid plants to have in my office. They have flowered for months, and have filled a gap over the most boring part of the garden year. They are still going strong nearly 3 months on. Go the orchids!

In the afternoon, with the sun behind them, they glow beautifully.
Popped in a pot, they are the nearest to zero maintenance that I know of! Best thing is
that, rather than just dying off at the end of the show, the plant lives on, and will
 give me more flowers next year, as a white one from a previous year has just done.
Got to love that!

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