Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Christchurch - Godley Head

I have just returned from a fabulous few days in Christchurch. This trip, I was on my own, with a tiny hire car, and I whizzed all over the show, going to places I had hardly even heard of during my 4 years at university down there (20+ years ago!). Apart from catching up with my lovely varsity flatmates, the highlight was the trip out to Lyttelton and Godley Head. What made the trip so uplifting was the thunder, lightening, and then the amazing sky. From up so high, the land was insignificant, and the clouds were amazing. 
Looking down into Lyttelton Harbour after a thunder storm. Layer upon layer of blues, purples and black.
Dark and brooding one minute...
Lighter and clearer the next, just with the clouds parting.

The layers of cloud were fascinating from up so high on Godley Head.
 There are great mountain bike and walking tracks all over the Port Hills, but so much easier to get there by car!! This seating area at the road end was perfect for the setting - low key, low maintenance, but really nicely designed. As you might have guessed - the weather that made the sky so amazing, made the conditions too appalling for me to do any of the walks. Next time I am taking my family up there. It was just stunning. A calm blue sky day wouldn't have been nearly so uplifting!!!

Loved these bollards.
Then the views back across the city on the way back to civilisation. Beautiful.

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