Tuesday, September 27, 2016

September - Textures

In early spring the new growth on perennials really stands out. I adore my office garden right now - with just a few valiant flowers, the anticipation of bulbs flowering, and the really strong contrast of leaf form and texture. And the spring growth on the Buxus is gorgeous. I took a few photos this morning, to capture the essence of what I am talking about.

Bearded Irises have an amazing leaf form that really stands out at this time of year. I like the flowers, but perhaps oddly, I prefer them when they are at this stage - just strong upright leaves. 

Lilies are an all time favourite - I love them from the moment they pop up. Part of the pleasure is the anticipation of their flower, but that is not all. I love the leaf texture as well. 

Hellebore leaves are striking amongst the contrasting Euphorbia 
The garden has hardly any flowers in it right now, but I am enjoying it so much with just leaves and growth. 
Michelia yunnanensis - the fragrance is superb

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