Thursday, February 26, 2015

Hippeastrum In Pots

This year I have grown these huge bulbs in a pot. Quite expensive to buy the bulbs, but you get literally MONTHS of quality display from them. And they should come up again next year, although I suspect not as strongly. These three bulbs I put in one large pot, and two of the three have had two flowers each. These photos I took back in December - and today there are still two fabulous full flower stalks left, with one of them just starting to open. That is going to be about 10 weeks worth of potted colour! Great value for money.

Would love to have them planted in the garden, but I think they must need a very very dry dormancy spot over winter. Probably under the eaves on a north facing wall. Has anyone in NZ had any success growing these in the garden?? Would love to hear from you!!

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