Friday, February 27, 2015

Michelia Seeds

It is seed collecting time again. I have done previous posts about our beautiful native seeds, but today it is all about the Michelia yunnanensis (non-native). One of my favourite small trees, particularly for use amongst NZ native trees due to the leaf size and leaf colour harmonies. I have just taken these bright red seeds from trees at my office. The blackbirds have been landing in there, trying to gobble them up, so I thought I should get in first. I will investigate propagating them from seed, as I have always got places to plant more of these in one of my revegetation areas.
These semi-hard fruit pods split open to reveal two red berries, which in turn carry the seed. 
The pods split open to reveal the orange seeds. The tree is covered with the colourful fruit pods.
The leaf
Beautiful red berries. And inside these soft coatings are the actual black seeds. Quite a convoluted package!

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