Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Euphorbia 'Chameleon'

One of my very favourite perennials, the dark colour of this easy-care Euphorbia adds depth, and great contrast, amongst a mixed planting.
Euphorbia 'Chameleon' contrasting with lime green plants (another
Euphorbia who shall remain nameless), and Heuchera 'Amethyst'
I have found the best way to get maximum benefit from the plant is to trim it back to ground level in mid-late summer, when new growth tips are appearing down below. Then it has it's colour on, right through until mid-winter (leaves go scarlet in the cold). Then trim it back again when these look dead and untidy, and the new growth should not be far away for spring flowering. This way you get two main flushes of flower.

Late winter - pull the dead stalks off.............
..... To reveal the gorgeous new shoots
I have just taken a before and after shot of the roughly cut stalks that have died off (that had been trimmed about two months ago), and today I just pulled these off to reveal the pretty new shoots coming through. Worth doing. Tidies it up beautifully and don't they look gorgeous next to the leaves of Heuchera Green Spice, below? One of my favourite plant combos. The Heuchera is evergreen, but fades a bit over winter.
Euprhorbia with Heuchera Green Spice - mid-spring


  1. Such beautiful colours. You may inspire me to become a gardener after all Rachel :) x

  2. Hah! So easy - all you have to do is plant, mulch, and wait for it to unfold!!