Friday, August 30, 2013

Hellebores Orientalis - mixed purples

Hellebores (Winter Roses) are such a valuable plant in the garden. They flower for months and months over winter, and then over summer their foliage is a great lush green ground filler under trees etc. I just adore them. We have been very busy planting over the last couple of months, and a I try and sneak a few Hellebores into every garden. Some are a main feature, en masse, either behind a box hedge, or along a path. Others have just a few dotted here and there in front of camellias and viburnums, where they are in flower at the same time. In larger gardens, I do areas of just white, or just purple.

The flowers shown here are a mixture of purples, of the original old H. orientalis. I want/need all of them, as I can't decide between the deepest purples, or the paler ones with freckles. There are loads of fancy-pants new hybrids, which retail for about $17 +. Yikes! The hybrids I have grown are weaker than the parents (often the way), so maybe just choose them for pots, and put the oldies but goodies in the garden. Oh - and they set seed underneath, too, if you aren't too efficient at trimming the spend heads off!! And that is often how the mixed colours come through. So leave the flowers on for months after the colour has faded. All part of the journey...............

Have a great weekend. Rx

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