Thursday, September 5, 2013

White Primula - A Garden Classic

I have lost count of how many people I have given this invaluable little primula to. Started as a gift to me from my mother-in-law, from her garden, and now it is spread far and wide. Another plant I split and pot up, ready to poke into most clients gardens..... I have also been known to pop into my office on the way to a planting job, dig a whole plant up, then split apart on site, and rip top half of leaves off before bunging in the ground! Within a month, all the leaves have grown back and it will have tripled in size. Plants for free!! Love it.

Eventually the strappy-leaved Liriope along the front will form a dense 'edge' - fingers
crossed! I only had 6 plants, and split them into so many that they have taken a year recover.

Must straighten that wonky plinth!

I usually dot randomly about at the base of taller shrubs and plants, but at home in this new garden (above) I have used as a wobbly 'edge', behind white liriope, in place of a formal hedge. This is only one year old, and all the primulas started out as described above (split/rip/bung it in!). They don't get bigger than this, just denser. So tidy, and one of those little things that give joy, flowering away discreetly much of the year. You notice it the most mid-winter, when most other plants are dormant.
At my office I use it as ground cover in the shade


  1. Ooh, I love these. Am definitely going to get some for our garden. Thanks Rachel. x

    1. Do you ever come to Masterton, Vic? I would happily give you a whole plant of this from my office, if we could work the timing. My office is at the northern end of Masterton, just off the main road. I love giving plants away, and I LOVE getting people gardening!!! Let me know........