Tuesday, September 10, 2013

More Daffodils.....

Okay - I can't resist - just one more post about daffodils! My lovely father brought me this gorgeous bunch of his special daffodils the other day, and they are giving me so much pleasure here in in my office. Dad's birthday is in March, so us daughters have often given him bulbs for his birthday, and now we get to share the rewards of that original gift! Bulbs do make great gifts, as they are annual reminders of the person that gave them to you.


  1. Um, that's a bit clever...give a gift of something which is going to come back to you each spring!!

    They are gorgeous...lovely to see some of the ruffled ones...especially that first one, with the two tone. Which one is that?

    1. Yikes! Don't ask for names!!! I have such good intentions of saving the labels, but they do tend to get lost - or the snails eat them. Ever had that happen?? A lot of snails out out way, obviously!!
      The daffodils are another bulb I have been successfully growing in pots. Great if you are living in a short term property - or only have a small garden. Just pop them behind a shed when they are over for the season, until they spring back next winter.
      I have also potted them up in nice pots before, then given that as a gift, which has the added bonus of the recipient watching the bulbs coming through.