Monday, September 30, 2013

Fothergilla - fabulous small shrub

Fothergilla gardenii is one of my very favourite small shrubs. Deciduous, with the most amazing autumn leaf colour - and then these gorgeous spring flowers. Unlike many shrubs, it does not outgrow the size on the label, and it just quietly goes about it's business, with lovely light green summer foliage to offset colourful perennials around it. Quite hard to get hold of these days, and I am not sure why more nurseries are not growing it. It is a really lovely shrub.

Gorgeous spring flowers add another dimension to this great little shrub

Autumm leaves hold on for months

Grows to about 1m x 1m


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    1. Hi David - thanks for visiting! A lot of what I write is simply what I think might be useful information for people interested in gardening, more so than the design aspect. So writing about my own garden, and what happens in it during the year, is my way of imparting some information. Is all a bit random - but happy to know some people read what I write about!! Regards, Rachel

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