Monday, September 30, 2013


Tulips for the garden, tulips in pots, tulips for  picking - love these plants!! I love their height and brightness amongst the perennials that are just leafing up in late September. A lot of low foliage in the garden at the moment, makes the tulips stand out even more. We plan to go to the Wellington Botanic Gardens these school holidays to see the thousands they have planted there every year. If you can't get to Holland, then the WBG are the next best thing!!!

These ones are new this year, and I had forgotten what they were going to be - stunning
surprise!! That's the great thing about buying bulbs - by the time they come into flower -
you have completely forgotten which ones you had planted!!

Perfect match for my velvet cushions..... 


  1. and completely forgotten WHERE you planted them too! I love that about bulbs...they are full of surprises.
    These are stunning...such rich colours. xx

  2. Ooh, I love tulips. I grew up in Wellington and the Botanical Gardens there were always a favourite for me. I'll have to take my girls back for a visit, I'm sure they'd love it too. x