Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Yellow - yellow - yellow!

With this GORGEOUS warmest winter ON RECORD, I just have to get some YELLOW on this page!!! Spring is here a good three weeks early, and the daffodils are in full flight. Nothing says goodbye to winter better than the good old 'daffodilly'!! In the paddocks, down the driveway, in the garden - AND in vases - WHAT"S NOT TO LOVE?

Tin dress by Lisa Harman, vase by Neudorf Pottery, fabric lady by Helen Bach,
flowers by Mother Nature!

The fragrance of these potted white Hyacinths greats me each morning
at my office. Perfect in pots - just throw them behind a shed until
next year, once the flowers have finished.
No more doom and gloom stories about animals eating my plants - I promise!! Have a great day, Rx

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