Monday, July 6, 2015


Lancewood - Pseudopanex crassifolius (Horoeka) or P. Ferox (Toothed or Fierce lancewood). I took photos of these 2 species growing at our pizza oven garden yesterday. I love the contrast of the two species. I also love using them to flank a path, or as an accent point in an area where a cabbage tree (Cordyline australis) would be too large. Their verticality is important in a low garden, too, and they also do not block any views.

Fierce Lancewood - P. ferox
Fierce behind, Horoeka in front
The Horoeka - P. crassifolius. I love the coloured striped midrib.
They add a great vertical accent in amongst low planting. Here with flaxes and hebes. 

We have them forming an avenue beside the path leading down to the pizza oven
I know some people hate lancewoods - and I can understand why - they are ugly - but they are also FASCINATING in their juvenile form, and the tree shape they form in maturity is fabulous. Like a giant wobbly lollipop. I also love the variation in the colour of the stripe on the Horoeka - ranging from yellow to orange and dark red shades. All makes life a little more interesting!!

Interestingly - some of these same lancewoods pictured were decimated by cattle a couple of years ago - with just the very top growth tip being left. We left them to see what would happen - and they all regrew. It was not the end of the world, as it turned out!!

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