Monday, July 20, 2015

Let there be light

Not very often would I advocate chopping down a mature tree - but this 55 year old Atlantic Cedar has been on my radar ever since we moved into this house 10 years ago. Planted 10 metres from the house, on the north western corner - it not only blocked light and sunshine from 1/3 of the house over winter, but the needles have been a maintenance nightmare in the pool, and in the spouting. Not to mention a safety hazard in the high winds we often get, with enormous limbs hanging over the house. NOT ANY LONGER!! Haha!! So excited to get rid of this damn tree - and the pleasure I will get from burning the firewood will be immense.
The Victors!! 
I added the pink cross in desperation, and was preparing to pay a contractor to come
and take it down. The thought of me paying someone to do this is what finally galvanised
George into action!!
Probably a year's worth of firewood here. 
We had the entire tree processed in 1.5 days. Now just have to split the rings for fire wood. I am so happy to have sunlight in the bedrooms. Has made an immediate impact on the warmth during the day.  

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