Monday, July 6, 2015

Totara, Michelia and Magnolia together

A favourite tree combination, particularly for properties with existing Totara trees on, is adding the bolder accents of Magnolia grandiflora and Michelia yunnanensis (or M. gracipes). They all have the same colour tones - olive green with bronze tones - and the foliage contrast looks fantastic. I believe it enhances the individual trees, to have these textural contrasts rather than all the same. They tie in so seamlessly with many of the NZ native plants, as well, such as Anamanthele grasses, and bronze flaxes. Love it.
Totara tree
Magnolia grandiflora

Anemanthele lessoniana - Gossamer Grass
Michelia yunnanensis with brown velvet flower buds
Totara tree foliage
Another favourite - Phormium Surfer Bronze - mini bronze flax. 

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