Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Daffodils Daffodils Daffodils.............

They say yellow is the best colour to surround yourself with to create a happy mood. Well hello yellow!!! My lovely father has just delivered the most enormous bunch of mixed daffodils to me at my office. Within minutes they have been photographed, and put into vases - 6 to be precise - then photographed again!! Now here I am sharing their yellow cheerfulness with you all.

Just for fun, I separated them into the main groups of the whites and the yellows. Only because I had so many that I could, but also it is interesting that daffodils do not just have to be the classic yellow. These days there are thousands of variations. Best thing is to buy bulbs you like every year, in autumn, and plant them either in pots or in the ground. They multiply so well, and respond really well to being dug up after flowering, split apart, and replanted to make a larger group.
White bunch, yellow bunch.

Nothing says spring quite like a mass of daffodils....Thanks DBT - you have made my day!!! xo

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