Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Lobelia splendens 'Queen Victoria'

For a late summer accent of bright red, this perennial is excellent. It has height, intense and long lasting colour, plus the foliage is great. I bought some last autumn to fill a colour gap in my red garden, and have been watching it with interest to see what happens.

 Interesting to see that the plants I grew have stayed with the crowns in leaf over winter, which are a gorgeous dark red. And they have multiplied. If I am careful I will be able to divide the original plants. I will do that soon, but as well I have bought some more, for home this time. They are still waiting to be planted.
This was the flower in autumn last year. Very clear scarlet red flowers, and tall. 
Last year's plants have multiplied and I will be dividing them soon. 
New plants waiting to be planted in my red garden at home.
They naturally grow in damp, open, swampy areas in North America, which is interesting. This is a hybrid, obviously. Mine have been in full sun and not terribly well looked after, water wise, over summer. Thoroughly recommended plant. 

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